Dynamic Form Fields Overview

This article applies to the following role permissions: Administrator - Director - Group Manager

Dynamic Form Builder for Customizable Forms 

ConexED provides the ability to customize forms to meet the unique needs of varied departments and groups while providing a streamlined student experience. Form builders work via drag and drop within the platform.  The CRM Registration forms allow selections from the Dynamic Form Builder.  

This article provides an overview of each available field on the dynamic forms and its use.  

  1. Checkbox Group - this field is designed for a question that can have multiple answers
  2. Date Field - allows user to add a date such as the date they are completing the form
  3. File Upload - allows a user to upload a file to the form; can be limited to just one file at a time or allow for multiple files
  4. Header - a space available to type in a header to a set of information or questions
  5. Number - a space to allow a user enter in a number answer; can be set with a minimum, maximum, step and the number of places in the value
  6. Radio Group - this field is designed for a question that only allows for one answer choice
  7. Select - this field is designed for a question that has only one answer chosen from a drop down list of choices
  8. Text Area - a space to allow the user to enter information, answer a free response question
  9. Form Step Section - necessary as the first field that must be added to all forms; subsequent sections can be added for a long form
  10. Cohort Application - a checkbox to allow users to apply to a cohort; may use this multiple times in form to allow users to have more than one choice
  11. Text Field - a space to allow a user to enter information that can be mapped to the users information within the system such as name, SIS ID, birthdate, email, etc, however it does not have to be mapped.
  12. Cohort Auto Sorter - allows a user to be placed on one of two cohorts based on their answers
  13. Repeatable Field - allows a user to answer a question and add more space for responses such as "list each degree you have earned"
  14. Paragraph - a space to inform the user of information such as directions
  15. Phone & SMS Opt-in - allows a user to enter their phone number and to opt-in for SMS messaging