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Access Scheduled Appointments within ConexED

This article applies to the following role permissions: ConexED Administrator - Director - Group Manager - Faculty/Staff

When students have scheduled an appointment with you, an appointment confirmation is sent to the email address associated with your ConexED account. This confirmation email provides the meeting details such as the date, time, place, and the name of the student(s) with whom you are meeting. A confirmation email for a virtual meeting will also include the URL to the meeting. 

Meeting confirmation details are also available in ConexED. Follow the steps below to access your upcoming appointments once you have logged in to ConexED.

Steps to Complete:

1. On the user panel, navigate to "Scheduling".

2. Click "Schedule & View Office Meetings.

3. Select My Office Appointments.

4. If the meeting is a virtual meeting, a link will appear


Helpful Hint: You may use the link to enter the meeting as early as five minutes before the start time of the meeting. In addition, a "Join Cafe" button will appear five minutes prior to the meeting that can be used to enter the meeting as well.