Add Students to a Cohort

This article applies to the following role permissions: Administrator - Director - Group Manager

Add Students to a Cohort

Students can be added to a cohort using an email address or student ID. To add students, they must first have ConexED accounts. This is usually completed via an SIS integration with ConexED, but student accounts can also be manually created. SIS integration can be completed to automatically add students to existing cohorts or to create new cohorts of students.

Within your Cohort Admin Center, click the name of the cohort to open the Cohort Details page. There are four tabs: Student List, Milestones, Clone Milestones, and Student Support Staff.  The Student List tab enables viewing cohorts and adding students.   

To add students to a cohort using the tool on the Student List tab, click Add Students as shown in Figure 2. 

Figure 2


On the Student List Tab of the Cohort Details, click the Add Students Button


Figure 3, listed below, allows the user the option to input student data individually or via mass assignment using a CSV file of students' email addresses or ID numbers.  

Figure 3

Add Students to Cohort Individually or by Uploading a Student Data File