ConexED Role Types and Admin Levels

This article applies to all ConexED users and Roles. It defines all roles and permissions in ConexED.

ConexED uses role-based administration. A user’s role determines their access to platform features, group settings, archives, and data, and it determines what specific functions they perform. Only a ConexED Administrator can upgrade or downgrade a users role.  

ConexED Administrator - Level 1

ConexED Admins have access to all settings, reports, appointment management, meeting archives, chat histories, and data and analytics for all departments, groups, and users.

Admin Control Center Reports 

ConexED Admins and Department Directors have 12 available report types available in the Admin Control Center. Each report has filters for limiting the scope of data to the institution, department, group, staff member, dates, and other criteria depending on the report. The report can be viewed on the page, copied and pasted, printed, or downloaded as a CSV file. Reports provide the specific data administrators need for student service operations, staffing, sharing achievements, or documenting needs with stakeholders.

Admin User Panel

The Admin User Panel allows Administrators to view department activity and information on the backend and is accessed by clicking on Admin Control Center on the User Panel and then clicking on the gear in the upper right. Administrators can access meeting recordings and chat history, add/delete departments, groups, Reason Codes, locations, and users, and view user activity in all departments. The Settings tab on the Admin User Panel is the access point for technical integrations such as login types.

Department Director - Level 2

Department Directors have access to their department settings, reports, appointment management, archives, chat histories, data, and analytics for their specific department(s) and the groups and users in their department(s).

Schedule Exception

A Schedule Exception is a time that is blocked off by a ConexED Admin or Department Director that prevents appointments being made at times in which office hours are available.

Group Manager - Level 3

Group Managers have access to group customization settings, reports, appointment management, archives, chat histories, data, and analytics for their specific group(s) and users within their group(s). 

Group Customization

Group customization refers to the setup of a specific student service group by the Group Manager, Department Director, or ConexED Admin. Group customization includes such things as adding users, Locations, Login options, and Reason Codes, customizing Forms, Email Templates, and Virtual Lobby messages, and other settings specific to the group scheduler.

Master Scheduler

The Master Scheduler allows a ConexED Admin, Department Director, or Group Manager to schedule or edit their respective group users’ office hours. 

Faculty/Staff - Level 4

Faculty and staff have access to their own scheduler and profile settings, reports, appointment management, archives, chat histories, data, and analytics for their own meetings.


The Moderator is the Faculty/Staff member who meets with students and controls the functionality within a virtual meeting space. The terms “moderator” and “Faculty/Staff” are used interchangeably. The Moderator can add notes and Reason Codes for each interaction, and that information is tied to the student meeting history and group reporting. During meetings, the Moderator is the person who controls the meeting space. A moderator can create and monitor breakout rooms, conduct a poll and share the results with attendees, and can promote attendees to other roles such as Moderator or closed-caption editor. 

Front Desk Agent - Level 5

Front Desk Agents have access to the calendar in their group(s) and to student lookup for making appointments and to appointment details for canceling appointments, extending appointments, and checking-in/checking-out students. 

Student Lookup Method

The Student Lookup Method is a way for users with the Front Desk Agent role and Faculty/Staff roles and above to access detailed appointment information about a specific student.

Student - Level 6

As a ConexED role, students have access to the Student Support Directory, their profile and calendar settings, and to the archives and chat histories for their own meetings.

Student Dashboard

The Student Dashboard is part of ConexED’s Case Management System. This dashboard enables students to see a variety of information from their ConexED User Panel to help them stay up to date and on track to reach their goals. The Student Dashboard can display such information as milestone progress, health and wellness check, notifications and announcements, financial aid information, grades, and attendance--all from an easy to use dashboard that students can easily access.