Connect an Existing Appointment to a Milestone

This article applies to the following role permissions: ConexED Administrator - Director - Group Manager - Faculty/Staff who have been assigned to Groups/Staff Assigned to Review Completion Requests for Milestones.

If a student has not scheduled their milestone meeting via their dashboard, it can be connected  to a milestone. For example, if a student dropped into to a meeting, instead of making an appointment in the milestone dashboard, this meeting would need to be connected to the milestone. 

Steps to Take
1. Navigate to your group
2. Click on student lookup, and find the student
3. Once the student profile appears, scroll down to the tabs along the bottom and click "Milestones"
4. Scroll to the bottom of the milestones, click on "Manage Milestones"
The students milestones would appear and then find the milestone and click to associate the milestone to an appointment