Customize Cohorts

This article applies to the following role permissions: ConexED Administrator - Director - Group Manager

Customize Cohorts with Milestones, Assigned Staff and Cloning

Within your Cohort Admin Center, click the name of the cohort to open the Cohort Details page. There are four tabs: Student List, Milestones, Clone Milestones, and Student Support Staff. To begin the customization process, you will use the Milestones, and Student Support Staff tab.  The Clone Milestone tab is a feature you may choose to use, but this will be completed at the end of the set up. 

Milestone Tab

Milestones are specific tasks an identified group of students must complete.  All students in the cohort will have the same milestones. The Milestones tab of the Cohort Details is used to add and edit milestones within a cohort. 

To add a milestone, click the Add Milestone button as shown in Figure 4. Once added, the Milestone list will display the Milestone title, the Milestone type, the milestone description, due date, and the option to edit the milestone. Additional information on the various types of Milestones is provided in the article Types of Milestones. 

Figure 4


Add Milestone to the Cohort

Student Support Staff Tab

The Student Support Staff tab is used to attached specific staff members to cohorts. When students login, their user panel has a Support Network button as illustrated in Figure 10 that displays only those staff members attached to their cohort or cohorts.  The Student Support Directory helps students quickly identify staff members assigned to them, and provides direct access. All students also have access to the full Student Support Directory. 

Figure 10


Student View of Support Staff Attached to Their Cohort(s).   In this example, the student’s Support Network includes the Food Pantry, which has milestones. 


To add a group or individuals to the cohort’s Support Network, click Attach Group or Staff as shown in Figure 11. 

Figure 11


Attach Group or Staff to the Cohort Support Network


Select from the list of available groups as shown in Figure 12, and once you select a group, you can opt to attach the whole group or individual staff members.  

Figure 12


Select Group to Start Assigning Staff.  When you select the group name, the option to select whole group, or checkbox for individuals will appear.

Clone Milestones Tab

This tool clones the original set of milestones in a newly cohort that does not have any milestones created yet.  You can clone what you built previously,  and would then only need to edit the dates and details if desired.  Its purpose is to save you time and ensure milestones are consistent from cohort to cohort as you continue to add new cohorts in a category. 

To use this tool, you open the new cohort that does not have milestones so that none can be deleted. You then select the cohort that does have milestones and click Clone Milestones to Cohort. Both cohorts will then have the same milestones.

The red warning shown in Figure 9 below serves as a reminder while you work - if you select a cohort that already has milestones built, the warning will show. The red warning helps to prevent you from unintentional deleting.   If you choose to proceed and click the Clone Milestones to Cohort, that choice will override and previous information will be deleted.

Figure 9


Clone Existing Milestones in New Cohort