Submit an Alert Using Student Lookup

This article applies to the following role permissions: ConexED Administrator - Director - Group Manager - Faculty/Staff

Once created, a proactive alert form is available and saved in the system.  Anyone with role permission of Faculty/Staff or higher can submit a Proactive Alert for an individual or a group of students.  One way to submit an alert for a student uses the student lookup feature.

Submit an Alert from Student Lookup

A proactive alert may be triggered and submitted by using the student lookup tool from with in a group or from the Student Support Directory page. Navigate to the Student Lookup and enter the student name. 

From the student lookup page, navigate to the student card and click on "Send Proactive Alert". A pop up window will appear. Select the desired alert from the drop down list. Based on the alert you have chosen, you will be able to view who at your school will be receiving this alert.  You can also choose to add the student as a recipient of the alert.

Click "Next", and then complete the form.  Finally, click "Send Alert".